Celebrating Prom at CVHS

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Celebrating Prom comes to an end with a night to remember, at Prom.  [Source: Lauren Yu, Instagram @kylauren_]

Celebrating Prom comes to an end with a night to remember, at Prom.
[Source: Lauren Yu, Instagram @kylauren_]

One phrase: “Will you go to prom with me?” and that’s a happily ever after.

Prom is a thing that most girls want to experience. Even students like Charis Ahn, a freshman at UCLA who isn’t “the type of girl who likes stuff like prom” agree that “girls have a thing where they want to experience what prom is like”.  However, Crescenta Valley High School celebrates prom in a very unique way.  

A month before prom, ASB (Associated Student Body), organized a prom assembly.  The prom assembly took place in the morning and all CVHS students sat with their respective grades as the events progressed.  This assembly was more unique because it wasn’t all about the seniors.  CV’s chorus, jazz band, dance and winter color guard all performed in this assembly and two games were also played during this assembly.  One of the games were played by the seniors as they passed the torch down to the juniors who will be next.  

Then of just prom wasn’t enough, from May 15th to May 19th, seniors celebrated with Senior Spirit Week.  And, as tradition speaks, Senior Ditch Day is the day right before prom and a senior favorite. Seniors ditch school and either relax at home, hang out with their friends, or go to the beach as an entire group.  This tradition is not always condoned by the teachers at CV, but it is anticipated as it remains a tradition.  

Then you have the much anticipated prom which is special to most seniors because it only occurs once in their life. Beginning with “promposals” to the actual night in white tie attire, prom always remains to be one night to always remember.  Even though there were seniors who didn’t go to prom, Crescenta Valley High School’s unique way of celebrating prom proves they cater to everyone.

Aleen Kim

Aleen Kim

Aleen Kim is a Sophomore in Crescenta Valley High school. She is a continuting J-Student Reporter and she enjoys it very much. Aleen is also involved in many other clubs in school since she loves helping out the community. Aleen wishes to learn a lot while being in JSR.

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