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Most students need advice from the high school alumni so they can be prepared. [Source:]

Most students need advice from the high school alumni so they can be prepared.

As the end of the school year approaches, the seniors leave their high school while the rest stays worrying what will come up next for them. Many students are concerned about their AP’s, GPA’s, and any mistakes they could make during high school life. And because of those apprehensions, students stress over their futures. Therefore, a few of the West Ranch High School seniors shared a piece of “top secret” advice for the rest of the high schoolers.

Jong Hak Won, a senior who will be attending Georgetown University shared his one piece of advice. “My number one recommendation would be, to be cognizant of the fact that the four years of high school do not define the rest of your life. It is alright to mess up or try something new.” Won encouraged students to throw themselves out to new surroundings and experience something new. He emphasized that during the four years, it is important to meet different people and attend various events.

Another senior at West Ranch, Luke Kim, who will be attending the University of Notre Dame, recommended, “Be prepared for the AP’s and embrace yourself, meaning take early initiatives in understanding difficult concepts and avoiding procrastination behavior.” Although Kim was not fully prepared for his AP’s in his sophomore year, he was able to successfully end his high school years. Kim ended his comment with a warm encouragement. “Never be discouraged about your initial failure. The best way to overcome hardship is to move on from your faults and learn from your errors.”

Moreover, Won and Kim had both agreed upon one advice that high school is not just about studying and numbers. It is about creating memories with your friends. Won shared, “you will not realize until your friends are about to leave how much you care about them, and that time you have together is not infinite.”

Many seniors in high school advised many of the younger students by saying “it is very important to get out of your comfort zone and build relationships. In the end, it is good to remember that high school is not as scary as it seems and not as stressful as it looks. It is okay to make mistakes and develop from that point. High school is about you and what you find fulfilling.

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