Greengates’ South Koreans Go International

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Greengates School’s proud South Koreans mark their excellence. [Source: Author, Jiteak Kim]

Greengates School’s proud South Koreans mark their excellence.
[Source: Author, Jiteak Kim]

The long wait had finally come to an end with Greengates School’s 40th International Fair coming to a grand inauguration. The time had finally arrived for Greengates School’s international sensation to flourish once again. The International Fair – an event dedicated to highlight the sense of international community within the school radius – was open every Saturday of April on the school campus of Greengates School. For the 40th International Fair of Greengates School, the gates officially opened on the 1st of April of 2017.

Like every year that has passed and that will follow, the volunteers, performance participants, and visitors had their hopes skyrocketing high to fully experience the fun and joys the fair universally spreads to each and everyone present on the day. And surely, they were truly satisfied and entertained with this year’s success. The fair consisted of approximately 40 nationalities representing their country with delectable and traditional cuisines, entertaining mini games, and even a unique opportunity to try on traditional clothes for a splendid opportunity to totally get assimilated into the distinct and likable nation’s taste.

More specifically, in this year’s International Fair, the performance of the Greengates School South Koreans was remarkably highlighted through the astonishing efforts both in their booth and out on stage with their mesmerizing K-POP performance. For this year’s appearance, approximately 20 South Korean parents volunteered in guiding this country’s reputations towards a greatly positive one. Some of the activities that the South Korean community offered to the school included the display of the new Samsung television models donated by the president of the Samsung home appliances of the Queretaro branch, Mr. Wan Soo Kim, the K-POP performance, and the innumerable delicacies the South Korean booth offered, such as the famous Bulgogi, Cup-bab, Korean ramen, bokkeumbap etc..

 Greengates’ Korean students enter as they join the festivities. [Source: Author, Jiteak Kim]

Greengates’ Korean students enter as they join the festivities.
[Source: Author, Jiteak Kim]

The headmaster, Mr. Cox shared in an interview with JSR. “The Greengates South Koreans have contributed brilliantly this year with their smashing and stunning K-pop performances and the incredible food samples they have provided universally. Of course, the quality of all aspects were top-notch which impressed me. I am happy to say, the South Koreans really were the wow-factor this year, especially with the donation from the companies, LG and Samsung this year, Greengates School expresses its greatest of thanks.” Students and other visitors alike also mirrored Mr. Cox stating that “the South Korean booth’s popularity was impeccable.”

In the end, the South Koreans at the 40th International Fair in Greengates School in Mexico City brought apparent and joyous success as they look forward to next year’s festival with high hopes and big dreams.  What is known is that after this year, the amazement is far from being over.

Jiteak Kim

Jiteak Kim

Jiteak Kim, Grade 10 Greengates British International School

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