The Rise of “13 Reasons Why”

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Poster for “13 Reasons Why” captures the essence of the show. [Source: Netflix]

Poster for “13 Reasons Why” captures the essence of the show.
[Source: Netflix]

With a second series in consideration, the popular show, “13 Reasons Why”, is bringing controversy between teens and parents across the world. Written by Jay Asher, “13 Reasons Why” started off as a novel which later was produced as a series.

The plot is about a high school student, Hannah Baker, who commits suicide. Before taking her own life, she records thirteen tapes, each being a contributing factor to why she decided to choose that path. Each tape recording is sent out to the people who were involved with her suicide.

Many teens have taken interest in this series. However, others are arguing that the show is way too inappropriate for students due to the graphic scenes of mature content such as suicide and rape. Netflix has added a “trigger warning” to the show and some school districts have already sent out letters warning the parents to watch out for their kids. In Florida, students have been self harming and even sent out suicide threats to copy “13 Reasons Why”. Due to these dangerous behaviors, many parents are showing concern for their children.

On the other side, people encourage teens and parents to watch the show because it gives insight on many heavy topics such as sexual violence, substance abuse, and bullying. It warns students about the boundaries of how far to take something and the consequences of what bad choices can make. “13 Reasons Why” can explain the reality of bullying, sexual violence, and shaming.

Although teens are discouraged to watch the show, parents are also encouraged to watch it because they can warn their kids about the content in the show. Currently, “13 Reasons Why” is the most popular craze that is controversial among teens and parents.



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